Another Sadistic Author: Megan McCafferty

fc_shadowI just finished reading, Fourth Comings, a Jessica Darling series and I am feeling quite depressed. That’s the problem with getting wrapped up with books and feeling like the people in the book are real. Point 1 for Megan the author. But I am getting annoyed with all these authors who keep their series going on and on and on and on – make it a Saga not a 5 pt or 7 pt series! I think these authors are sadistic.  They are playing with my emotions. And yet, I keep coming back for more. Now what does that say about me?

I am actually first on the waiting list for book 5  in the Darling series- which I have been promised is the last book in the series.  The library has it on order and I put it on my list. Usually I am too slow to get on the waiting list for popular books and am 63 and up on the list. Or in the case of Sue Grafton’s last book, #443. That’s not a typo.

I am feeling snarky. So let me say it clearly. I am pissed off by authors who are taking 5 or 6 or 7 books to accomplish what they only need 3 for. Except for you Patrcia Briggs. I do forgive you. And maybe you too, Karen Marie Moning, for your Fever series. And Megan, I may forgive you too, after I read the last Jessica Darling novel.


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While Children Nap, the Mother Blogs.

The children are napping. I should be blogging – for work and not for play. But it’s Friday and I can procrastinate another day.

I love to read. My passion is reading and learning. I love other things too – my family, some sports, friends, laughing, praying, finding joy in life, sex, creating stories in my head…. oh, and I can’t forget coffee. These are all good things. At least I think so. But this blog focuses on reading.

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